Cocktail: Cucumber Sours

Tamper Coffee (Open House) – Sellers Wheel, Arundel St, Sheffield

Decided to try out Tamper’s Open House this week. Described as a post-work, pre-night drinks and food event that happens about once monthly.

A really chilled out atmosphere with craft beer, cocktails and coffee for the drinks. Burgers, ribs and chicken for the food.

A really nice selection of craft beers displayed in a very well designed menu:

We had some beers, me the Ilkley Mary Jane, and my other half the Hop Studio XS. But I wasn’t really feeling beer — think I’ve overdone it with excitement that I can now drink it!

For the second drink I had the Cucumber Sours, one of about 5 cocktails, a few of which were based on Jaegermeister, but that was a little heavy for me!

It wasn’t necessarily the best I’ve had, but then this is a cocktail in a coffee shop. You could, however, really taste the cucumber which was nice, but it was just too sweet for my liking, and I’m not adversed to sweet things.

The atmosphere was great, the food was pretty good and overall there was a nice selection of drinks. I did enjoy the experience, but I don’t think I’ll necessarily be going back. Think I’ll stick to cocktails in cocktail bars.


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