Cocktail: The Rhubarb Triangle

The Great Gatsby – Division St, Sheffield


The Great Gatsby have just launched their new cocktail range for the Summer and I was there right on 6pm.

I opted for The Rhubarb Triangle (Gin, Rhubarb Liquor, Lemon, Sugar and Egg White), not only as rhubarb is currently in season but also as Thursday tends to be gin day in Sheffield.

I’ve been quite keen/cautious to try any cocktail with raw egg but decided to go ahead and was definitely not disappointed. The raw egg gives the cocktail a lovely light and bubbly texture; this combined with the lemon gave a the drink a sherbet lemon feel!

Admittedly, I was not getting so much of the rhubarb, but the drink was really lovely. However, for all the really big rhubarb fans, don’t expect anything really overpowering. It’s just all very lovely and subtle.

Along with some of the other Summer ranges of cocktails in Sheffield, such as the Milestone, hibiscus flowers are making an appearance; this is a lovely touch and is a really simple way to add to the presentation. Supposedly they are edible, but on the advice of the bartender I didn’t try!

This is perfect for a sunny afternoon and the best thing is that during midweek it is included in their £4 cocktail range.


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