Why the media backlash?

A number of negative “third wave” coffee related articles from The Guardian, accompanied by references to The Telegraph, have recently reared their ugly heads. This has lead me to the question, why are the media distancing themselves from quality, ethical, independent drinks businesses?

I do understand that tastes are all very subjective, but the food scene has remained relatively neutral and this is demonstrated through the terminology for their followers, “foodie.” In the food scene, we are encouraged to think about what we are eating and where it comes from. Then, this is all positively reinforced by TV Chefs, fish fights and changing school meals.

Why is this same attitude not taken with drinks? Why is that the big chains are allowed to produce, in the case of alcohol, largely fluid + colouring + flavouring + alcohol, which then = a negative drinking culture and remain unscathed by the media? Those, then, who take an interest in flavourful drinks, largely produced by independent businesses, are ridiculed as hipsters and snobs.

Why is it that Jay whatshisname is allowed to backlash espresso that highlights the true, distinct and seasonal flavours of a coffee and support coffee that is equivalent to overcooked veg just because it’s unfamiliar? Article here. Additionally, why is he allowed to ridicule baristas for not wanting to serve a substandard product?The answer: we just don’t treat drinks with the same same respect.


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