Beer: Beer Central’s July Bottle Share – The Bath Hotel

Last week I attended Beer Central’s, a bottle shop situated in the Moor Market, second bottle share at the Bath Hotel.

I just love the idea of a bottle share – it gives a little more variety and creates more interaction between attendees than a standard tasting. The first order of the evening was to line up the beers in order of ABV, and we began at the lower end of the scale! As we ended up having 14 or so beers, I’m just gonna give you the best in detail and list the rest; this post will be far too long otherwise!

Beginning with Half Mast QIPA from Siren Craft brew (2.8%), this is heavily hopped with grapefruit and mango, but I noticed a savoury, almost cheese biscuit taste on the malts. This gained a solid 7 from the group and is just quite a nice sessionable drink.

Padstow Pale Ale – Padstow Brewing Company (4.0%)
This is a very subtle beer, to me it tasted a bit like a lager. It was agreed it was pleasant, but nothing that would wow you. It was good to see a brewery in Cornwall attempting the craft beer scene and muscling in amongst the ever popular St Austell Brewery. Apparently they have the only female brewer in Cornwall too! Group Impression: 5.5

Chiron – Thornbridge (5%)
This was my choice, not due to it being a particular favourite, but this was the first beer I could drink a whole bottle of. Since then, I have a particular fancy towards the american pale ales and I’m proud to say that it has been an important part of my beer journey! Not as citrus-y as I remember but it’s just pleasant.
Group impression: 5

Put it in your pipe – Wild Beer Co (5%)
This is a smoked stout from the ever popular Wild Beer Co, based my home county of Somerset. The notes were Smokey tea and brûlée sugar. It didn’t disappoint and was very pleasant if you like that kind of thing! Group Impression: 7

Natte (Red Dubbel, 6.5%) and Zatte (Yellow Tripel, 8%) – Brouwerij ‘t IJ
These two were wild cards, potentially 6-8 years old, these had been passed down. I got the dregs of the Natte, including a large amount of sediment which made me a little cynical, but it largely tasted of apricots! The Zatte was probably my favourite beer of the night, very similar to Weissbeer, all bubblegum and banana.
Impression: Natte: 6.5; Zatte: 6.5

The winner of the evening was Siren Craft Brew’s Odyssey 001, an imperial stout (12.4%). It’s aged in Banyuls barrels and blended with fresh Liquid Mistress, Siren’s red ale. To me, some who’s palate is not adjusted to Stout, this was very medicinal and tasted a bit like a full bodied red wine.
Impression: 9

The rest of the beers:
Earl Grey IPA – Marble Brewery and Emelisse 6.8% – 5.5
Bad Seed – Espresso Stout 8% – 5.3
Black Chocolate Stout – Brooklyn 10% – 7.5
Pond Hopper – Thornbridge & O’Dell 8.9% – 7.5
Yin and Yang – Evil Twin Brew – 10.5% – 6
Hit the Lights – Weird Beard 5.8% – 7
Railway Porter – Five. Points Brewing Co 4.8% – 6.5

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the group even ended up joining in with the Bath Hotel’s pub quiz, I left early but the others went on to win apparently!

Looking forward to the next one!


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