Coffee: Part 1 – A quick tour of (some of) the London Coffee Scene

I headed to London this week for a four day trip to visit friends and blow off some steam in the Big Smoke, my only holiday for the year – insert something about being a poor postgraduate student who spends all her money on beer and coffee anyways!

I managed to visit 7 of London’s famed coffee spots using recommendations from Baristas, friends and the handy ‘London’s Best Coffee’ app. I unfortunately dragged several friends along who don’t really drink the stuff in any form and for that I’m sorry!

Day 1:

We were jaunting around Soho and Covent Garden so I visited Milkbar, part of the emerging Flat White empire.

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A beautiful space in the streets of Soho, my first experience of London coffee and I was bitterly disappointed when the server couldn’t tell me what espresso was on and there was no information on the hopper. I did spot a Square Mile bag on the back counter, but not something that I recognised and the Barista confirmed this for me, but when I asked for the name, the response was a snooty, “It’s just the name of where it comes from.” I was so taken aback I didn’t dare enquire anymore and have subsequently forgotten. I was served a good flat white…


We next headed towards Covent Garden and I managed to steer my friends in the direction of Notes, Covent Garden. I’m familiar with the Notes name, after their brief venture into Leeds, but never had the pleasure of experiencing any of the coffee there. Here I grabbed a t/o double shot and flat white of their Bokasso Espresso, Dalle, Sidama, Ethiopia.

Lime Blossom, red berries and apricot are the given tasting notes and when I had the shot, oh my days, was there lime in there. I’ve had a fair few coffees now that have general citrus notes, but this was very much just lime and it was big. I even managed to convince my friends to try and their reaction was of pleasant surprise! Really fresh and clean, this was what I wanted from London coffee, something new and something punchy. In milk it was more subdued with the other flavours coming out a little more, but was still really great.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

 Click here for part 2


2 responses to “Coffee: Part 1 – A quick tour of (some of) the London Coffee Scene

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  2. I’m surprised at the poor service you got at Milk Bar. Admittedly, I’ve only been there once, but the service I had (and the knowledge of the baristas) was excellent. Hopefully you caught them on an off day.


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